12 Hot Wedding Trends for 2015

2015 – 12 Hot Wedding Trends Countdown

Ah, weddings. There’s nothing more exciting than sitting down and planning one of the most memorable moments of your life, from the smallest details like the colors of your napkin holders to the embroidery on your champagne-rose colored wedding gown. For 2015, it’s all about class and pastel-clad elegance, classic themes and decor, dainty flower headpieces and lace, lots and lots of lace. If you are planning a 2015 wedding, here are the top 12 hot wedding trends for 2015 to get you inspired.

Stunning Floral

Flowers, flowers everywhere! From floral lace designs on the bride’s wedding gown to interesting floral bouquets, flowers are a staple in dresses, centerpieces and head wear. Popular choices for next year include hydrangeas, tulips, hyacinth and flowers you can easily pick from your garden like creamy orchids, foxglove and garden roses.

Bright and Airy Wedding Photographs

Wedding photography is such a huge part of a wedding and the trend today is shots and editing that reflect the natural color of the setting. We are seeing a veering away from over-processed yellow and vintage-style photos to bright, clean and airy photographs that showcase the vibrant colors of the flowers on the centerpieces and bouquets as well as the colors of the bridesmaids dresses.

Outdoor and Close to Nature

A move from indoor receptions to the great outdoors is one of the top 12 hot wedding trends for 2015. Couples now prefer the fresh air and vibrant colors of the outdoors when they are planning their ceremonies. This also makes it easier to wear light make-up, floral-inspired gowns and dainty flower crowns.

Classy Shabby Chic

The DIY-burlap-and-milk crate trend has obviously been overdone but couples who still want a little bit of that rustic vibe can opt for substitutes that are more classy, such as substituting white cotton sheets or dyed muslin for burlap table covers. Candles are still great choices but they should be placed in clean, tall glass vases instead of thick and clunky jars. When done in moderation, rustic weddings can also look chic and elegant without the high price tag.

Brunch Weddings

A lot of couples want a short and fun wedding ceremony and an intimate reception. Morning weddings are fun because you get to choose an entirely different menu than most people expect for a wedding and they are often more casual and laid-back than evening receptions. This also gives the couple plenty of time to spend with family and friends for the rest of the day before heading off to their honeymoon.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Supplies

Most couples are now aware of the amount of waste that goes with a typical wedding preparation and this could be the reason why green wedding suppliers are taking over the business with organic, reusable table cloths, napkins made of natural fibers, solar-powered series lighting and the like. Eco-friendly wedding supplies are one of the 12 hot wedding trends for 2015, with couples now willing to spend more just to lower their carbon footprint on their wedding day.


Retro wedding themes have definitely taken their last bow but the new trend is taking just a hint of retro and adding a bit of nostalgia into a modern wedding. Whether it’s the use of vintage chalkboard signs or finger food wrapped in newspaper, adding just a touch of retro can put a unique twist to a wedding without overdoing it.


Watercolors are a great way for the couple to personalize some elements of the wedding such as the Bride and Groom signs, thank you notes, and even place holders. Water colors produce vibrant, pastel colors and they are cheap to boot.


Rarely will you see bright and bold colors on brides and bridesmaids for 2015 weddings. The trend in color palettes leans more towards soft, pastel colors, such as light peach, light pink, mint green, powder blue. This also rings true for dresses and flower choices. Brides love the soft and dainty effect these colors give to a wedding set-up and these colors also photograph very well, creating dreamy wedding photos.

Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace has always been a staple choice in wedding gowns for decades but this year and the next is showing signs of some serious lace loving among brides. From body-hugging lace wedding dresses to floor-length gowns with intricate lace sleeves, the options for lace bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses are endless. Short, above-the-knee lace dresses are also the popular go-to pieces for brides in civil ceremonies since these semi-formal pieces still give off that delicate, feminine vibe.

Mercury Glass Stemware

Shiny and colorful, mercury stemware makes the perfect substitute for high-end crystal and is not as dainty so it is perfect for daytime weddings. The stemware’s shiny surface is great for bouncing off the colors of your floral centerpieces and adds some sparkle to your table.

Flower Crowns

Most brides love the dreamy and whimsical theme that is currently all the rage, which is why Loral headpieces are among the top 12 hot wedding trends for 2015. It looks like this trend has no plans of dying down, with suppliers coming out with the most beautiful headpieces for next year’s brides. Whether it’s an all-natural crown made purely out of baby’s breath blossoms or an extravagant headpiece of cherry pink roses, we can expect 2015 brides to walk down the aisle with a stunning floral hair adornment to match an equally stunning gown.

Hot Wedding Trends

Wedding is the most special day in any lady’s life, as it is the day when they promise to spend rest of their life with one person. Wedding is a special day for the groom as well but ladies are generally more excited about the wedding ceremony. As bride is the prominent personality in wedding so designing the whole wedding ceremony around the theme of bridal is the hot trend today.

Wedding trends have changed over centuries but some traditions are still alive and these traditions make wedding ceremony a day to remember for bride, groom and the guests. Wedding trends and traditions varies from state to state, but there are different things which are common everywhere and are considered equally good in every state.

Wedding ceremony is designed around the bride and trend of this era is to design whole reception around the theme of bridal. Taking care of few things can make wedding a day to remember for bride, groom and guests.

Hot Bridal Trends

Bride is the queen of wedding and the bride’s appearance matters most in the wedding ceremony, the bride has to look her best at the wedding day; so choosing bride’s dress is of keen importance. In earlier decades, bride’s dress was the symbol of her family standard, the rich families brides used to wear elegant dresses with rich colors, whereas the brides belong to poor families used to wear their best dress at wedding day. Rich or poor, it is a tradition that brides wear their best dresses at wedding day.

Today, wedding dresses are specially designed and there are many designers that specialized in bride’s dresses, bridals can be very expensive considering the quality of fabric used and embroidery done. The traditional bride’s dress is “wedding gown” of white color, white is the traditional color of bridal and most of the designs are focused around white while designing bridal. The designers have taken measures to bring new designs of wedding dresses and now wedding dresses are available with different colors embroidery; pink, blue, golden and indigo embroideries on dresses looks very attractive and increase the beauty of dress.

Looking traditional and beautiful at the wedding day is every bride’s dream, and this dream has been made real by the designers, at least in wedding dresses. Along with the dress, tiara looks very elegant, wearing tiara at wedding is a tradition in many states, and many brides wear their family tiara to make the wedding day memorable.

Wearing family jewelry, dress or tiara is a very good trend in many states and it creates an emotional bonding and it is also a great way of expressing family bonding.

Hot Reception Trends

The trend of this year is to design the whole reception around the theme of bridal. Decorate the reception area considering in mind the color of bridal. The flowers used in the ceremony, the stage and guests sitting area should be matched with the color of bridal to make wedding day special for the bride. The reception is mostly carried out in a lawn i.e., outdoor reception is favored for reception whereas the dinner or lunch is served indoor. Deciding a location for the wedding reception is of keen importance. As the location makes great impact, outdoor lawns are most suitable for wedding reception.

Now days, there are specialized firms who manage all the affairs of wedding regarding location of reception and dinner etc. But organizing wedding oneself is the best thing to do, as it is the most important day for bride and groom so try to organize it by oneself can make it more memorable.

Hot Serving Food Trends

Food is very important in any party and for the wedding ceremony it is of keen importance, as the food makes the guests happy. Selecting food items for wedding ceremony is of keen importance, the food is decided considering the likes of bride and groom. The trend is to serve traditional food items or the favorite dishes of bride. The quality of food is of keen importance and serving the traditional dishes is trend of today.

Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cake is the single most important food item in the whole ceremony, and it is a very old tradition kept alive today. The selection of cake is mostly done by the bride and groom together. Cakes are also decorated to make them attractive; the best way to select a wedding Cake is to match the color of cake with the bridal, taste of cake is also important and bride and groom are the best candidates to decide the flavor of wedding cake.

Hot Wedding Trends in Atlanta for the Summer

Still riding on the train of that Alexander McQueen lace dress worn by Katherine Middleton during the Royal Wedding, Atlanta is buzzing with the hottest wedding trends for the summer. And as the weather heats up, this popular city becomes an ideal wedding destination as the hub of the South. Trending on the wedding front this summer, is all about brides getting back to basics and thinking just slightly out-of-the-box to create something that makes their guests feel more at home than in a stuffy ceremony.

The Frills

Concerning the cake and flowers, the frills are no longer necessary. Cakes have gone from giant cupcake displays and candy bars back to the simple tiered wedding cake with white butter cream frosting. In Atlanta, Perfect Wedding Cakes creates flawless one-of-a-kind cakes that are pieces of art but they don’t steal the show. The secret to making it special is to compliment the couple’s style with the topper, something significant to the two getting married, or use an old family heirloom, signifying another addition to the family tree. Flowers need a special touch as well, no more classic roses or lilies. The latest trend is fresh cut flowers that could have come out of your southern garden that morning, grouped together in a container that matches the theme like vintage vases or small unique planters.

The Theme

It’s the theme that drives a customizable wedding and the photos can carry it on. Don’t settle for the boring line up when the wedding theme is anything but. Props and exciting back drops can compliment all the attention to detail involved. And as far as photos during the wedding, the photo booth is a trend that’s here to stay. WOW Photo Booths in Atlanta create the old fashion photo strip with an inset message specific to the bride and groom. But the rented booths can be pricy, set up a booth of your own by creating a back drop with fabric or wood, decorate it to match the wedding and set up a camera. Or invite guests to cozy up on a chair and take a picture of themselves. Your photographer will catch them when they’re not looking but why not give them a chance to smile just for you?

The Food and Venue

The awkward all-you-can-eat buffet is also on the way out. Classy, seated dinners encourage guests to connect over the dinner table as each delicious course is served. Classic southern faire is the most inviting, guests will feel right at home with the dishes they would have at a dinner party in someone’s home. The venue is no longer the focus of the event as the special theme, good food and personal touches create the experience. Backyard relaxed weddings are catching on as well as the ever classic hotel reception that can be customized to fit each whim of the couple.

The Planning

Hotels are beginning to pick up on the customizable wedding themes and are offering options that make planning each detail that much easier in a bundle. And of course, hotel’s are the best and least stressful way to house out-of-town guests, offering room block discounts for wedding attendees. A wedding planner that can cover it all is in high-demand, brides today aren’t looking to spend their busy days calling florists and cutting checks, they leave that to the professionals. Some hotels provide a preferred vendors list so the couple-to-be has access to every phone number any planner would, making it easier on everyone.

Hot Wedding Trends for Bouquets, Favors, And Others

Planning your wedding is a very exciting time. With all the latest trends and fashions it can be a bit overwhelming, but with thoughtful organization and patience-your vision can be achieved. Here is the run-down on some of this season’s most popular wedding trends.

Fashion Jewels- Brides these days aren’t carrying around your typical rose bundle down the aisle. Bouquets are busting out this season with their own ‘bling-bling’ or jewels. Some brides tuck vintage pins into their bouquets or run strands of pearls through the flowers. Jewelry or sparkles are also making an appearance on sashes, favors, invitations, and more. Wedding day jewelry is also a fun way to incorporate something old, borrowed, or blue.

Layers- Another Bouquet trend this season is layering different textures into your flowers. This adds depth and pizzazz to your arrangement. Here are some ideas for layering pieces:

peacock feather
branches with berries

Favors- Giving a gift to your guests is a fun way to say thank you and remember our special day. Often favors are monogrammed with the newlywed’s initials or names and the wedding date. Here are some hot trends for this season:

Candy Buffet- where guests pick their own candies to go in personalized boxes, bags, or tins
Something local- like saltwater taffy, wine, berries, popcorn on the cob, etc.
Go Green- small saplings, or seeds, something to benefit the environment

Colors- This season many brides are opting for unique color pairings like:

gray and coral
green and mocha brown
teal and gold
red and turquoise
tangerine and cream

Eco-Friendly- Many couples are choosing to host more environmentally friendly weddings that reflect their own personal care and concern for the world they live in. Here are some ideas for developing a more Eco-friendly wedding:

used or vintage wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses
save-the-dates, invitations, and programs made from recycled papers
asking guest to donate money to the couples charity of choice instead of bringing gifts

Hot Wedding Trends for Bridals

If you have set your wedding date in 2011, it may be helpful for you in your wedding to know the predicted 2011 wedding trends as being the planning process. Over the years, the wedding trends shift from the simple feel to the more modern and contemporary trends. According to the progress of the world, weddings will still continue to be more and more glamorous throughout the seasons. Here are a few 2011 wedding trends that might just make your wedding the talk of the town,

Wedding Color Themes:

The old tradition of wearing the white and black are now past. If it’s not a vintage wedding you could go for vibrant snazzy colors. You can choose the more colorful wedding themes to make your wedding more colorful and joyful. The colors which are gaining popularity are,

• Dark chocolate
• Sangria or brick red
• Dark tangerine
• Deep Blue
• Persian Green
• Agate blue
• Oyster gray
• Mocha taupe
• Moccasin
• Dark Chestnut

Wedding Dress Trends:

There are varieties of styles the blushing bride can choose from. Classic ball gowns are mostly quite popular with brides this season.

50s Flair:
This is enough high necklines, tulle skirts, and tea-length styles on the runway to make the bride a perfect more attractive in the memorable day.

Bits of Black:
White linen and lace on the black could have some competition once the bridal season shifts into high gear in the New Year. The bits of black would be the most appropriate option for bride to wear on wedding.

Ball gown Styles:

Graceful pick-ups create lush ripples of fabric that flow down the skirt and allow you to float lithely across the floor. Ball gown wedding dresses have many wonderful upsides to giving you the fabulous look.
Fur dress styles:

Fur is elegant, dashing, charming, and perfect for the season! Bride might add a fur stole, or may be a cozy cashmere wrap, or even a pair of long leather gloves accented with pearls. A bride can also experience the blue, silver and gray colors of fur.

Wedding Jewelry Trends:

The choice of bridal jewelry is one of the most important considerations in an wedding. It is necessary that the jewelry be suitable to the bride’s personality and well-coordinated so that the bride looks her best on her special day. There are some jewelry trends which will helpful for bride to look unique in her unique day.

Bib Necklaces Trend:

If you want to look unique in your wedding you should go for a necklace because the centerpiece to your outfit or to easily gift a lot of upscale look to your wardrobe, the bib necklaces seen to be outstanding latest trend. Brides love the ribbon closure and stones during this style. it’s additionally a really cheap at $125.

Handmade Flowers, Feathers and Tulle:

silk flower combs, feathery fascinators with rhinestone accents, and light-weight birdcages and clips are look awesome to wear. Whether your hairs are open oe close just clip the birdcage and you are looking bride every day.

Clustered Up:

Instead of do concentration on the old diamond studs, just go for one of the latest looks in earrings is diamond clusters. The clusters fit right on the ear and feature two or three diamonds and you will look more elegant in your wedding.

Wedding Shoe/Sandal Trends:

If you want your wedding to be one of a memorable and your outfit to follow suit, what should your footwear look like? Follow are the latest trends which would helpful for brides.

Dyeable shoes:

Dyeable Shoes can be a great option for brides wishing to express themselves through color. If the bride has a good height she would look more elegant and attractive in these shoes.

Ruffled romance:

If you want to make your feet more focus then the Ruffled romance would be the best choice which create a feminine romantic look to the bride. If the bride has not much height then the long heels ruffled sandals can give bride a perfect look.

Wedding Hair Styles:

There are no clear trends in hair styles, although wearing the hair can make the hair styles more attractive. Normally the loosely pulled back are popular choices for brides with long hair. Hair ornaments such as hairpins, brooches, and hair vines made with crystals, pearls, rhinestones, and/or silk flowers are also popular.

Wedding Photography:

Wedding is the most memorable day for every bride so capturing the day’s events as they happen helps tell the story of your wedding. Naturally, the color photography is demandable and posed pictures are still enjoyed and requesting in the wedding ceremonies.


The wedding day is one of the unique and the memorable days of one’s life and people make so many arrangements for the best wedding day. Wedding day is also has unique importance for bride and bride wants to look more and more unique in this day. So many arrangements and trends are apply which are discussing above. These trends must be more helpful for bride to look more unique and attractive in the memorable day of wedding.